Saturday, May 24, 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014

One Sleepless Night. EP

One Sleepless Night 

One Sleepless Night (House/Dance) EP
Hosted by ''S.G. Offishall''
Produced by ''S.G. Offishall'' & ''Birdbeats'' (Producers of Tre-Mob Records)


One Sleepless Night (House Instrumental)

Download the full EP here.

Track List
1. One Sleepless Night - (Prod. by S.G. Offishall & Birdbeats)
2. Celebration - (Prod. by S.G. Offishall & Birdbeats)
3. Party Hard - (Prod. by Birdbeats)
4. Waiting for the Night - (Prod. by S.G. Offishall)
5. Party Animal - (Prod. by Birdbeats)
6. Ishaq Hua Hai Mujhe - [S.G. Offishall Remix]

 One Sleepless Night EP. Artwork

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Tre-Mob [ITV2] Its Tre vol 2 (Album)

Its Tre Vol 2

Tre Mob Upcoming Album Its tre Vol 2. Artwork

There's gonna be any where from 20-23 tracks in the track list.The cd was a mixtape and over the course of 2013 Tre-Mob changed the projects to all original projects.

Producers - ''Its Lex On it'' ''S.G.  Offishall'' ''EazyBeatz'' ''Birdbeats'' ''Helluva'' (Detroit producer) ''DJ Rj Beats''. 
Features - ''Juice'' ''Polo'' ''Kid Vishis'' ''Yogi'' and ''Twisted Insane'' ''Horseshoe Gang''

Watch Behind The Scenes. The Making of ITV2. Tre-Mob Starz 

ITV2 will be out real soon! 2014

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Keep One Lit ''Single''

Keep One Lit 

My first release with Tre-Mob Records.

Chucho featuring Louie 
Produced by S.G. Offishall and Birdbeats
(Vocals) Mastering and mixing by Mack Tr3
Video Shot and Edit by Monk Films and Tre-MobRecords

This Single is released in Its Tr3 Volume 2 Sample CD

Tre-Mob Records Its Tr3 Volume 2 Sample Cd 

Watch the Official Music Video.