Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hopsin - I Need Help (S.G. Offishall & BirDBeats Remix)

I Need Help Remix

Hopsin ''I Need Help Remix''
Produced by S.G. Offishall & BirDBeats  (Producers of Tre-Mob Records)

This Remix is for Remix contest 
Hosted by & Machine (Studio)  (Remix My Hit 5)
(BeatStars & Machine Remix Contest)


Listen to the audio here

Watch the Music Video (I Need Help Remix)


Friday, January 24, 2014

One Sleepless Night. EP

One Sleepless Night 

One Sleepless Night (House/Dance) EP
Hosted by ''S.G. Offishall''
Produced by ''S.G. Offishall'' & ''Birdbeats'' (Producers of Tre-Mob Records)


One Sleepless Night (House Instrumental)

Download the full EP here.

Track List
1. One Sleepless Night - (Prod. by S.G. Offishall & Birdbeats)
2. Celebration - (Prod. by S.G. Offishall & Birdbeats)
3. Party Hard - (Prod. by Birdbeats)
4. Waiting for the Night - (Prod. by S.G. Offishall)
5. Party Animal - (Prod. by Birdbeats)
6. Ishaq Hua Hai Mujhe - [S.G. Offishall Remix]

 One Sleepless Night EP. Artwork

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Tre-Mob [ITV2] Its Tre vol 2 (Album)

Its Tre Vol 2

Tre Mob Upcoming Album Its tre Vol 2. Artwork

There's gonna be any where from 20-23 tracks in the track list.The cd was a mixtape and over the course of 2013 Tre-Mob changed the projects to all original projects.

Producers - ''Its Lex On it'' ''S.G.  Offishall'' ''EazyBeatz'' ''Birdbeats'' ''Helluva'' (Detroit producer) ''DJ Rj Beats''. 
Features - ''Juice'' ''Polo'' ''Kid Vishis'' ''Yogi'' and ''Twisted Insane'' ''Horseshoe Gang''

Watch Behind The Scenes. The Making of ITV2. Tre-Mob Starz 

ITV2 will be out real soon! 2014

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Keep One Lit ''Single''

Keep One Lit 

My first release with Tre-Mob Records.

Chucho featuring Louie 
Produced by S.G. Offishall and Birdbeats
(Vocals) Mastering and mixing by Mack Tr3
Video Shot and Edit by Monk Films and Tre-MobRecords

This Single is released in Its Tr3 Volume 2 Sample CD

Tre-Mob Records Its Tr3 Volume 2 Sample Cd 

Watch the Official Music Video.